EPC: Sanctorale

The Sanctorale contains the antiphons, readings, responsories and prayers for saints’ days throughout the year, with the exception of the period from December 26 through January 18, which appears in the Temporale.
The Sanctorale runs from November 30 (appearing in the ‘December’ file) through November 29, in parallel with the Temporale.

File Date Pages Sound files
December July, 2022 1-130 EPC-01
January July, 2022 131-256 EPC-02
February July, 2022 257-366 EPC-03
March January, 2023 367- EPC-04
April January, 2023 EPC-05
May EPC-06
June EPC-07
July EPC-08
August EPC-09
September EPC-10
October EPC-11
November EPC-12