The/La Collaborative

I am the Project Director for The/La Collaborative, a multi-institutional, cross-sectoral network led from McMaster University. The/La Collaborative‘s mission is to steer social and human research and skills where they are most needed.

The/La Collaborative researches and creates new models of knowledge mobilization and talent-building for innovation and social impact that focus on the needs and interests of community partners across the social sector and beyond.

The/La Collaborative’s activities revolve around collaboration and experiential learning. Through their engagement, academics and students increase the impact of their university in their community and fuel collaborations that span across universities and their communities.

By promoting new approaches to knowledge mobilization and training to meet the needs of emerging researchers in the social sciences and humanities, we cater to the needs of their communities in innovative ways.

Here is a sneak preview of an interview with AESIS. The full interview can be found on The/La Collaborative’s YouTube Channel.

Here is a short video presentation of part of the theory that underpins The/La Collaborative’s innovative new model for knowledge mobilisation. It was created for presentation at the Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum‘s 2020 Conference.