EPB: Temporale

The Temporale contains all of the proper liturgical texts and music for the Office throughout the year, beginning with First Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent (the Sunday nearest to November 30) and continuing through to the week before Advent.
The Temporale also contains the feasts of saints from December 26 through January 18.
The Temporale also contains the Feast of the Dedication of the Church and its octave.
The First Sunday of Advent and the Monday following (feria ii.) are of special interest because they provide the models for the liturgy during the remainder of the year.

File Date Pages Sound files
Advent 1, Sunday March, 2013 1-59 EPB-01
Advent 1, Weekdays March, 2013 60-79 EPB-02
Advent 2 March, 2013 80-114 EPB-03
Advent 3 March, 2013 115-176 EPB-04
Advent 4 December, 2013 177-218 EPB-05
The Nativity March, 2013 219-297 EPB-06
St. Stephen March, 2013 298-336 EPB-07
St. John March, 2013 337-380 EPB-08
The Holy Innocents March, 2013 381-416 EPB-09
St. Thomas July, 2013 417-488 EPB-10
The Circumcision July, 2013 489-518 EPB-11
Octave of St. Stephen &c. July, 2013 519-558 EPB-12
The Epiphany July, 2013 559-622 EPB-13
Octave of the Epiphany January, 2015 623-661 EPB-14
Pica for Domine ne in ira January, 2015 662-673
Domine ne in ira January, 2015 674-708 EPB-16
Domine ne in ira week July 2015 709-738 EPB-17
Sundays and weeks after Domine ne in ira July 2015 739-782 EPB-18
Septuagesima January 2016 783-820 EPB-19
Sexagesima January 2016 821-851 EPB-20
Quinquagesima January 2016 852-879 EPB-21
Lent 1 July 2016 881-926 EPB-22
Lent Week 1 July 2016 927-964 EPB-23
Lent 2 January 2017 965-1006 EPB-24
Lent 3 January 2017 1007-1064 EPB-25
Lent 4 July 2017  1065-1104 EPB-26
Passion Sunday July 2017  1105-1160 EPB-27
Palm Sunday 1161- EPB-28
Triduum EPB-29
Easter Sunday EPB-30
Easter Week EPB-31
Sunday in the octave of Easter EPB-
First Week after the Octave of Easter EPB-
Second Sunday after Easter EPB-
Third Sunday after Easter EPB-
Fourth Sunday after Easter EPB-
Fifth Sunday after Easter EPB-
Ascension EPB-
Pentecost EPB-
Trinity EPB-
Corpus Christi EPB-
Pica, First Sunday after Trinity EPB-
First Sunday after Trinity EPB-
Great Rubrics; History of Kings EPB-
History of Job EPB-
History of Tobias EPB-
History of Judith EPB-
History of Maccabees EPB-
History of Ezechiel EPB-
Expositions of the Gospel EPB-
Dedication of the Chruch EPB-