EPA-01 Sunday Matins-Lauds


V O Lord, open thou my lips [:40]
 Invit. Let us come [:35]
 Invit. Alleluya. The Lord is risen [:32]
Invit. Let us praise Jesus Christ [:27]
Invit. Let us praise the Name of the Lord [:39]
 Invit. May the Lord open your hearts [:39]
 Invit. O God, King of heaven [:34]
 Invit. The Lord, the King who is to come [:15]
 Invit. Alleluya [:13]
 H This day the first of days [3:10]
 H Father, we praise thee [1:19]
 A1 The sceptre; Ps 1 Blessed is the man [1:52]
 Ps 2 Why do the heathen [2:41]
 Ps 3 Lord, how are they increased [1:46]
 Ps 6 O Lord, rebuke me not; A The sceptre [3:00]
(A1 The sceptre) [:25]
 A1 Serve ye the Lord [:12]
A1 For the merits of faith [:24]
 A2 Unto him shall be; Ps 7 O Lord my God [3:32]
Ps 8 O Lord our Governor [1:50]
 Ps 9 & 10 I will give thanks unto thee [8:11]
 Ps 11 In the Lord put I my trust; A Unto him shall be [2:24]
( A2 Unto him shall be) [:31]
 A2 O Lord my God [:13]
 A2 O God, righteous judge [:26]
A3 His eyes; Ps 12 Help me, Lord [2:05]
 Ps 13 How long wilt thou forget me [1:20]
 Ps 14 The fool hath said in his heart [2:31]
Ps 15 Lord, who shall dwell; A His eyes [2:19]
( A3 His eyes) [:32]
 V Out of Sion [:10]
 A3 Consider and hear me [:22]
 V I have thought upon thy Name [:12]
 A3 Arise, and for ever safeguard us [:39]
 V I have thought upon thy Name [:12]
A4 Bethlehem; Ps 16 Preserve me, O God [3:58]
( A4 Bethlehem) [:47]
A4 My goods are nothing [:19]
 A4 Nature’s Creator [:31]
A5 Behold, a virgin; Ps 17 Hear the right [:]
(A5 Behold, a virgin) [:21]
A5 Incline, O Lord, thine ear [:13]
A5 O Maker of the world [:26]
A6 In his time; Ps 18 I will love thee [11:23]
(A6 In his time) [:41]
V There shall come forth a rod [:12]
A6 The Lord is my stony rock [:22]
V At midnight I will rise [:12]
A6 The humble folk [:35]
V At midnight I will rise [:12]
 A7 The night is far spent; Ps 19 The heavens declare [3:54]
(A7 The night is far spent) [:30]
A7 The commandment of the Lord [:15]
A7 As a bridegroom [:28]
 A8 Now is the hour; Ps 20 The Lord hear thee [2:25]
(A8 Now is the hour) [:32]
A8 May the Lord perform [:11]
A8 Send forth upon us [:28]
A9 Rejoice in the Lord; Ps 21 The King shall rejoice [4:13]
(A9 Rejoice in the Lord) [:50]
V The Lord shall come forth [:12]
A9 The King shall rejoice [:20]
V Be thou exalted, Lord [:11]
A9 O King, abiding [:38]
V Be thou exalted, Lord [:11]
Cant. We praise thee, O God [4:33]

Before Lauds

V The Lord is high above [:10]


A1 The Lord is King; Ps 93 The Lord is King [1:59]
(A1 The Lord is King) [:26]
A2 All we may know; Ps 100 O be joyful [1:58]
(A2 All we may know) [:27]
A3 As long as I live; Ps 63 O God, thou art my God [2:29]
 Ps 67 God be merciful unto us; A As long as I live [1:59]
(A3 As long as I live) [:24]
A4 Let every creature; Cant. O all ye works of the Lord [4:42]
(A4 Let every creature) [:23]
A5 Let every thing; Ps 148 O praise the Lord [2:20]
Ps 149 O sing unto the Lord [1:30]
Ps 150 O praise God; A Let every thing [1:54]
(A5 let every thing) [:38]
 Chap. Blessing, and glory, and wisdom [:18]
H Maker of all, Eternal King [2:40]
V The Lord is King [:11]
Lord, thou hast been our refuge [:11]
H Lo! the dim shadows [1:13]
V The Lord is King [:11]
V The Lord be with you &c.
V The Lord be with you &c.

For the Peace of the Church

Ps 123 Unto thee lift I up mine eyes [1:15]
Kyrie eleyson [:11]
Lord, have mercy [:10]
V And lead us not &c. [:37]
Prayer. We beseech thee, O Lord, favourably receive [:]

Common Memorials at Lauds on Sundays and Feasts

A The Angel Gabriel [:16]
V There shall come forth a rod [:14]
Prayer O God, who didst will [:30]

A Behold, Mary hath borne for us [:34]
V After childbirth [:]
 Prayer O God, who by the fruitful virginity [:37]

A And very early [:24]
 V The Lord is risen [:11]
 Prayer O God, who through thine only-begotten Son [:26]

A Go quickly [:17]
 V The Lord is risen indeed [:10]
 Prayer O God, who through thine only-begotten Son [:26]

A Deliver us, preserve us [:29]
 V Blessed be the Name of the Lord [:10]
Prayer O Almighty and everlasting God, who hast given [:]

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