ESB-14 During the Octave of the Epiphany

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Daily during the Octave

Invit. Christ hath appeared [:26]
Hymn. Why, impious Herod [1:58]

Ant. Yonder star like a flame [:39]
Ant. Seeing the star [:]
Ant. A voice resounded [:]
Ant. The wise men, being warned [:]

The Third Day

Resp. The star which the wise men had seen [2:30]

The Fourth Day

Resp. Seeing the star [2:52]

On the Octave of the Epiphany

Ant. The soldier doth baptize the King [:]

1 Ant. To renew the old man [:]
2 Ant. O thou who with the Spirit [:]
3 Ant. The Baptist quaked [:]
4 Ant. The head of the serpent [:]
5 Ant. A mighty mystery [:]
Ant. The Forerunner John [:]

Second Vespers
Ant. The fountains of waters [:]

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