ESB-10 St. Thomas

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Invit. The feast of Thomas the Martyr [:26]
A1 To the highest priestly office [:24]
A2 Beneath the priestly robes [:]
A3 Labouring in the Lord’s field [:]
R1 Envy, striving hard [2:13]
R2 Thomas pledged himself [1:52]
A4 Neither allowed he wolves [:24]
A5 He, best of men [:30]
A6 The exiles estates [:]
R4 From the greatest height [:]
R5 The world’s flower [:]
R6 O Christ Jesu [3:51]
A7 Satan’s accomplices [:26]
A8 Against the drawn swords [:35]
A9 Blessed be the place [:]
R7 To Thomas all things yield [:]
R8 Thomas shineth brightly [:]
R9 Good Jesu, by the merits [2:50]

V Pray for us, O blessed Thomas [:]

A1 The grain of wheat [:]
A2 The whole world competeth [:]
A3 The water of Thomas [:]
A4 In memory of Thomas [:26]
A5 Do thou for whom the blood [:]
A Stretch forth to us [:]

A Hail, O Thomas [:]

The Sixth Day in the Nativity of the Lord
A While all things [:]

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