ESB-01: First Sunday of Advent

First Vespers
V. O God come to my assistance [:]
A. Blessed be [:]
A. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem [:]
Chap. In the last days [:]
R. Behold,the days come [:]
H. Dear Maker of the starry skies [:]
V. Drop down dew [:]
A. Behold, the Name of the Lord [:]
V. The Lord be with you [:]
Prayer. Stir up, we beseech thee [:]
V. The Lord be with you [:]
V. Let us bless the Lord [:]

Memorial of S. Mary
A. Hail Mary [:]
V. There shall come forth [:]
Prayer. O God, who didst will [:]
V. The Lord be with you [:]
V. Let us bless the Lord [:]

Memorial of All Saints
A. Behold, the Lord shall come [:]

V. Convert us, O God [:]
A. Have mercy upon me [:]
H. To thee, before the close [:]
V. Keep us, O Lord [:]
A. Come, O Lord [:]
Kyrie eleyson [:]
Lord have mercy [:]
V. And lead us not [:]
V. Thou wilt turn [:]
Prayer. Lighten, we beseech thee [:]
V. Arise, O Lord [:]
V. The Lord be with you [:]

V. O Lord, thou wilt open [:]
Invit. Behold, the King cometh [:]
H. Word from the Father [:]
A. The sceptre shall not [:]
A. He shall be the expectation [:]
A. His eyes [:]
V. And lead us [:]
V. Bid, lord, a blessing [:]
Lesson. The vision of Isaias [:]
R. I look from afar [:]
R. I beheld in the night [:]
R. The Angel Gabriel [:]
A. Bethlehem [:]
A. Behold, a virgin [:]
A In his days [:]
R. Hail Mary [:]
R. Receive the Word [:]
R. We look for the Saviour [:]
A. The night is passed [:]
A. It is now the hour [:]
A. Rejoice in the Lord always [:]
R. Hear the Word [:]
R. Behold, a Virgin shall conceive [:]
R. Let the heavens rejoice [:]

Before Lauds
V. Send forth, O Lord [:]

A. In that day [:]
A. Be delighted [:]
A. Behold, the Lord shall come [:]
A. Every one that thirsteth [:]
A. Behold, there shall come [:]
H. Hark to the voice [:]
A. The Holy Ghost [:]

Memorial of S. Mary
A. The Angel Gabriel [:]

H. The star of light [:]

R. Come to deliver us [:]

R. Shew us, O Lord [:]

R. Upon thee, O Jerusalem [:]

Second Vespers
A. Sit thou at my right hand [:]
A. All his commandments [:]
A. He shall delight [:]
A. Blessed be the name [:]
A. We that live [:]
R. Thou shalt arise [:]
A. Fear not, Mary [:]

Memorial of S. Mary
A. Blessed art thou [:]

Office of the Dead
A. Rest eternal [:]
Kyrie eleyson [:]
Lord, have mercy [:]
V. Rest eternal [:]

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