Companion to the Martyrology

There appears to be no extant Sarum Martirology stemming directly from Salisbury. however, several MS Latin martirologies, such as that in Oxford Bodleian Library MS. Rawl. A. 371 appear to be of Sarum Use.

A ‘Sarum Martirology’ in English (1526) is available at this site under the tab ‘More Documents’. British Library, Additional MS 22285 is a ‘Sarum Martirology’ of the 15th c. from the Brigettine Monastery of Syon, London.

An Exeter Martirology (Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, Parker MS 93) [14th c.] has been edited by J. N. Dalton in Ordinale Exon, Vol. II. (London, 1909):371-462. Vol. IV:1-105 of the same work includes a collation of ‘The Original Exeter Martirology’ (Exeter Cathedral Chapter, MS. 3518) [12th c.?]. These ought to be very similar to the Sarum Martirology, apart from the occasional local variant.

December 24 (for December 25)
The Exeter Martirology has the following indication: ‘In vigilia nativitatis Domini dum prima calusula alcius [=altius] ceteris legitur omnes se prosternant.’ (On the Vigil of the Nativity of the Lord while the first sentence is read higher [i.e. in a higher voice] let all prostrate themselves.) And after the announcement of the birth of Jesus, during the remainder of the reading of the martyrology, ‘Hic surgant, et submissius legatur.’ (Here let all arise, and <the following> is read lower [i.e. in a lower voice].)