EPA-06 Wednesday Matins-Lauds

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Invit. In thy hand, O Lord [:]
H O Ruler and Creator [1:39]
A1 The Lord shall turn; Ps 53 The foolish body [:]
Ps 55 Hear my prayer; A The Lord shall turn [:]
(A1 The Lord shall turn) [:10]
A2 For my soul; Ps 56 Be merciful unto me [:]
Ps 57 Be merciful unto me; A For my soul [:]
(A2 For my soul) [:09]
A3 Do ye judge the thing; Ps 58 Are your minds set [:]
Ps 59 Deliver me; A Do ye judge the thing [:]
(A3 Do ye judge the thing) [:]
A4 Be thou our help; Ps 60 O God, thou hast cast us out [:]
Ps 61 Hear my crying; A Be thou our help [:]
(A4 Be thou our help) [:10]
A5 Preserve my life; Ps 62 My soul truly waiteth [:]
Ps 64 Hear my voice; A Preserve my life [:]
(A5 Preserve my life) [:12]
A6 Give thanks; Ps 66 O be joyful [:]
Ps 68 Let god arise; A Give thanks unto the Lord [:]
(A Give thanks unto the Lord) [:20]
V O God, I have declared [:]

V Let thy merciful kindness [:]

A1 Wash me throughly [:12]
A2 Thou, O God; Ps 65 Thou, O God, art praised [:]
(A2 Thou, O God) [:10]
A3 My lips shall praise thee [:12]
A4 The Lord shall judge; Cant. My heart rejoiceth [:]
(A4 The Lord shall judge) [:10]
A5 O all ye heavens [:18]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast [:]
H Ye clouds and darkness [1:34]
V Have I not thought upon thee [:]
A Salvation from our enemies [:]

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