English Scholarly Breviary

The Sarum Breviary Noted, English Scholarly Edition maintains the utmost fidelity to the Sarum Latin Breviary Noted in content and in order of material. It conforms to the text-style of the Douay-Rheims (Challoner) Bible and the Roman Catholic Missal, 1962.  Much use is made of The Roman Breviary compiled by the Nuns of the Abbey of Our Lady of Consolation, Stanbrook, ed. Charles Francis Brown, 1937.

When the English Scholarly Psalter was first published beginning in 2014 it adopted the numerical pointing system developed by G. H. Palmer in The Sarum Psalter. However, in the fall of 2014 the editor devised a new system of diacritical pointing (see Companion to D: Toni communes for a full explanation) and subsequently revised the English Scholarly Psalter accordingly. Since the older numerical system requires more space between lines of text, the pagination of the two Psalter versions differs. Page references in Temporale and Sanctorale uploaded beginning in November 2015 will be to the pagination of the new edition Psalter with diacritical pointing. The Psalter with numerical pointing will remain available for those who prefer the old system.

Front Matter
A: Psalter (numerical pointing)
A: Psalter (diacritical pointing)
B: Temporale
C: Sanctorale
D: Common Tones