EPB-16 Domine ne in ira

First vespers

Chap. Blessed be God
H Maker of all things []
V Let our evening prayer
A My transgressions [:54]
Ora. O Lord, we beseech thee


Invit. Let us come before the presence [:35]
H This day the first of days [3:10]
A1 Serve ye the Lord [:12]
A2 O Lord my God [:13]
A3 Consider and hear me [:22]
 V I have thought upon thy Name [:12]
Lec. Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ
R1 O Lord, rebuke me not [1:46]
Lec. First, I thank my God
R2 O God, who sittest upon the throne [1:43]
Lec. Now I would not have you ignorant
R3 The Lord is on my right hand [2:10]
A4 My goods are nothing [:18]
A5 Incline, O Lord, thine ear [:13]
A6 The Lord is my stony rock [:22]
 V At midnight I will rise [:12]
Lec. For the wrath of God
R4 Thou shalt shew me, O Lord [1:37]
Lec. For this cause
R5 I will love thee [1:13]
Lec. Therefore thou art inexcusable
R6 The earth is the Lord’s [1:59]
A7 The commandment of the Lord [:15]
A8 May the Lord perform [:12]
A9 The King shall rejoice [:20]
 V Be thou exalted [:11]
Lec. When he was twelve years old
R7 Unto thee, O Lord [1:16]
Lec. That He at twelve
R8 I may shew, O Lord [1:24]
Lec. It is good that he
R9 I have hidden away as gold [2:27]
R fer. Afflicted on account of our transgressions [1:52]

Before Lauds

V The Lord is high [:10]


A1 The Lord is King [:26]
A2 All we may know [:27]
A3 As long as I live [:24]
A4 Let every creature [:23]
A5 Let every thing [:38]
Chap. Blessing, and glory [:18]
H Maker of all, Eternal King [2:40]
V The Lord is King [:11]
A Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? [:40]


A The Lord is my shepherd [:18]

Second vespers

Chap. The Lord direct your hearts
 A The child Jesus increased [:27]