EPA-11 Compline


V Turn us then &c. [:41]

Compline 1. Advent

A Have mercy; Ps 4 Have mercy when I call [2:10]
Ps 31 In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust [1:24]
Ps 91 Whoso dwelleth under the shadow [2:49]
Ps 134 Behold now, praise the Lord; A Have mercy [1:10]
(A Have mercy)
Chap. Thou, O Lord, art in the midst [:16]
H To thee, before the close of day (Sundays &c.) [1:00]
H To thee, before the close of day (Ferias &c.) [:52]
 V Keep us, O Lord [:10]
A Come, O Lord; Cant. Lord, now lettest [1:24]
(A Come, O Lord)

Compline 2. Vigil of the Nativity

A Be ye ready [:20]
 H Thee, Saviour of the world [1:57]
 A Watch, all ye, and pray [1:26]

Compline 3. The Nativity of the Lord

A Unto us is born this day [:18]
 A Alleluya. The Word was made flesh [:24]

Compline 4. From the Circumcision until the Vigil of the Epiphany

A At the Lord’s nativity [:23]

Compline 5. From the Vigil of the Epiphany through the Octave of the Epiphany

A Light from light [:26]
 A Alleluya. All they from Saba shall come [:24]

Compline 6. After the Octave of the Epiphany &c.

A Preserve us, O Lord [:24]

Compline 7. The First Sunday in Lent &c.

A Lift thou up, O Lord [:24]
 R In perfect peace and safety [1:22]
 H O Christ, who art the Light and Day [2:06]
 A When thou seest the naked [:39]

Complne 8. The Third Sunday in Lent &c.

A In the midst of life []

Compline 9. From Passion Sunday until Maundy Thursday

R Into thy hands, O Lord [:46]
 H Servant of God [2:38]
A O King, all glorious []

Compline 10. Maundy Thursday

V The Lord be with you &c.
Prayer Almighty God, we beseech thee
V The Lord be with you &c.

Compline 11. Good Friday

Compline 12. The Vigil of Easter

A Alleluya
Prayer Pour forth upon us, O Lord

Compline 13. Easter Day and Easter Week

Grad. This is the day [:48]
V In thy resurrection &c.

Compline 14. From Low Sunday until the Vigil of the Ascension

A Alleluya [:]
 H Jesu, who brought’st redemption nigh [1:55]
 A Alleluya. The Lord is risen [:23]

Compline 15. From the Vigil of the Ascension until the Vigil of Pentecost

H Jesu, Redemption all divine [2:20]
 A Alleluya, Christ is gone up on high [:25]

Compline 16. The Vigil of Pentecost

A Alleluya. The Holy Ghost, the Comforter [:24]

Compline 17. Pentecost and the Week of Pentecost

Seq. Now let our voices rehearse

Compline 18. The Holy Trinity, and Double Feasts, &c.

A Grant unto us, O Lord, thy light [:33]

Complne 19. the Feast of Relics

A At the prayers of all thy Saints [:20]

Compline 20. The Purification of St. Mary

A A Virgin by a word conceived [:26]

Compline 21. The Visitation and the Assumption of St. Mary

A Holy Virgin Mary [:27]

Compline 22. The Nativity of St. Mary

A O Blessed Mother and spotless Virgin [:23]
 A We glorify thee, Mother of God [:24]

Compline 23. The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

A Have mercy upon me, O Lord [:21]
 Seq. Now let us rehearse [1:55]
 A O King, all glorious [1:04]


Kyrie eleyson
Lord have mercy [:40]
V And lead us not &c. [:14]
V The resurrection of the body &c. [:42]
I confess to God
May almighty God have mercy
May the almighty and merciful Lord
V Wilt thou not turn again &c. [1:03]
 V Hearken unto my voice [:11]
V O Lord, arise and help us &c. [:33]
Prayer Lighten our darkness [:]
V The Lord be with you &c. [:14]

For the Peace of the Church

Ps 123 Unto thee lift I up mine eyes [1:10]
 Kyrie eleyson [:11]
 Lord, have mercy [:09]
V And lead us not &c. [:37]
Prayer O Lord, we beseech thee, favourably [:]