ESA-04 Monday Matins Lauds

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Invit. Come. Let us praise the Lord with joy [:14]
H Our limbs refreshed with slumber now [:]
H Now from the slumbers [:]
A1 The Lord; Ps 26 The Lord is my light [:]
Ps 27 Unto thee will I cry; A The Lord is the defender [:]
(A1 The Lord is the defender) [:10]
A2 Adore ye the Lord; Ps 28 Bring to the Lord [:]
Ps 29 I will extol thee; A Adore ye the Lord [:]
(A2 Adore ye the Lord) [:12]
A3 In thy justice; Ps 30 In thee, O Lord [:]
Ps 31 Blessed are they; A In thy justice [:]
(A3 In thy justice) [:09]
A4 Praise becometh; Ps 32 Rejoice in the Lord [:]
Ps 33 I will bless the Lord; A Praise becometh [:]
(A4 Praise becometh) [:09]
A5 Overthrow them; Ps 34 Judge thou, O Lord [:]
Ps 35 The unjust hath said; A Overthrow them [:]
(A5 Overthrow them) [:09]
A6 Commit thy way; Ps 36 Be not emulous [:]
Ps 37 Rebuke me not; A Commit thy way [:]
(A6 Commit thy way) [:]
V O Lord, thy mercy [:]

V Let thy mercy, O Lord [:]


A1 Have mercy; Ps 50 Have mercy on me [:]
(A1 Have mercy on me) [:08]
A2 Understand my cry; Ps 5 Give ear, O Lord [:]
(A2 Understand my cry) [:09]
A3 A O God, my God [:14]
A4 Thy wrath; Cant. Canticle of Isaiah [:]

(A4 Thy wrath) [:13]
A5 Praise ye the Lord [:18]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast [:]
H Thou Brightness of the Father’s ray [:]
V I will meditate on thee [:]
 H Lo ! the dim shadows [1:07]
A Blessed be the God of Israel [:14]
Kyrieleyson [:]
Lord have mercy [:]
V And lead us not &c. [:]
V Arise, O Lord &c. [:]
V The Lord be with you &c. [:]

Common memorials

St. Mary in Advent
A The Holy Ghost [:]
V There shall come forth a rod [:]
Prayer. O God, who wast pleased [:]

All Saints in Advent
 A Behold, the Lord cometh [:21]
 V Behold, the Lord shall appear [:11]
Prayer. Visit, we beseech thee, O Lord [:]

St. Mary in Advent at Vespers
A Fear not, Mary

St. Mary, Octave of St. Stephen until the Purification
A When thou wast born
A Behold, Mary hath borne
A In the bush
A A root hath budded forth [:]
 V After childbirth, O Virgin [:12]
V Thou art beautiful
Prayer. O God, who by the fruitful virginity [:]

St. Mary, after the Purification
 A O blessed Mother [:22]
 V After childbirth, O Virgin [:12]

Of the Cross, after Deus omnium
 A But it behoveth us [:15]
V Let all the earth adore [:]
Prayer. O God, who didst ascend [:]
Prayer. Keep, we beseech thee, O Lord [:]
Prayer. Be present with us [:]

St. Mary, after Deus omnium
Prayer. Pardon,we beseech thee [:]
Prayer. Almighty and everlasting God [:]

Of All Saints
A The saints shall rejoice [:]
V God is wonderful [:]
Prayer. We beseech thee, O Lord, mercifully look [:]
Prayer. We beseech thee, O Lord, be appeased [:]
Prayer. Look O Lord, upon our infirmities [:]
Prayer. Grant, we beseech thee, O Lord [:]

Of the Cross at Vespers
A Save us, O Christ [:]
A By the sign of the Cross [:]
A We adore thee, O Christ [:]

Of St. Mary at Vespers
A Holy Virgin Mary [:]
V Holy Mother of God [:]
A Holy Mother of God [:]
A In offspring mother [:]

Of All Saints at Vespers
A All ye Saints of God [:]
V Be glad in the Lord [:]
V Let the just rejoice [:]
A All ye elect of God [:]
A At the prayers of all the Saints [:]
A O how glorious [:]

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