English Scholarly Breviary: Antiphons

[1]-[999] = pages in the Psalter (Diacritical)
1-999 = pages in the Temporale
{1}-{999} = pages in the Sanctorale

Mode Incipit Pages
VIII.i. Adore ye the Lord. [181]
IV.vii. A helper in troubles. [230]
VIII.ii. A hymn, O God, becometh thee. [260]
I.v. A root hath budded forth. [209]
II.i. A Virgin by a word conceived. [444]
I.iii. According to thy great mercy. [237] All his commandments. [344]
III.iv. All the days of our life. [238]
IV.i. All we may know. [53]
V.i. All ye elect of God. [217]
III.i. All ye Saints of God. [217] Alleluya. iiij. [432]
VIII.i. Alleluya. iiij. [434]
V.i. Alleluya. Christ ascending on high. [439]
V.i. Alleluya. The Lord is risen. [436]
V.i. Alleluya. The Spirit, the Paraclete. [440]
V.i. Alleluya. The Word was made flesh. [416]
V.i. Alleluya. All they from Saba. [418]
IV.viii. And all thy meekness. [376]
IV.i. And the Lord will have. [337]
III.ii. Arise, and for ever. [27]
VII.i. As a bridegroom. [40]
VIII.i. At the Lord’s nativity. [417]
VIII.i. At the prayers of all the Saints. [218], [444]
I.i. At thine advent, O Lord. [159]
I.iii. Be thou unto me, O Lord. [270]
VIII.i. Be ye ready. [412]
IV.vii. Because the Lord. [319]
V.i. Behold, a virgin shall conceive. [33]
I.iv. Behold how good. [377]
V.i. Behold, Mary hath borne. [208]
V.i. Behold, the Lord shall come. [206]
IV.i. Bethlehem, thou art not the least. [30]
VIII.ii. Bless the Lord, O my soul. [324]
VIII.ii. Blessed are all they. [371]
VI. Blessed be the God of Israel. [202]
VI. Blessed be the Lord. [300]
VI. Blessed be the Lord my God. [393]
VII.ii. Blessed be the name of the Lord. [346]
VIII.ii. Blessed is the man. [370]
VII.ii. But it behoveth us. [212]
I.v. By the sign of the Cross. [215]
Christ became obedient. [431]
VIII.i. Come and deliver us. [106]
IV.v. Come, O Lord, and tarry not. [169]
VII.i. Come, O Lord, and visit us. [411]
I.iii. Commit thy way. [189]
VIII.i. Consider and hear me. [27]
IV.i. Deal favourably. [335]
II.i. Deliver my soul. [253]
VIII.ii. Do good, O Lord. [365]
II.i. Enduring laud and praise. [148]
VIII.i. Fear not, Mary. [207]
VIII.iii. For ever, yea, for ever. [394] For his mercy endureth. [379]
VIII.i. For my soul. [240]
I.v. For the merits of faith. [17]
VIII.ii. Forgive us our sins. [281] From the unjust man. [386]
VII.i. Give me understanding. [168]
VIII.ii. Give ear, ye inhabitants. [233]
II.i. Give us help. [251]
III.i. Glory and laud resound. [158]
I.ii. Glory to thee, O Trinity. [116]
VII.i. God hath received Israel. [391]
IV.ii. Grant unto us, O Lord. [443]
VI. Have mercy on me. [193]
VIII.i. Have mercy upon me. [406]
I.i. He hath put down the mighty. [382]
II.i. He shall be the expectation. [21] He shall delight exceedingly. [345]
II.i. Heal my soul. [225]
III.v. His eyes are more beautiful [27]
VIII.ii. His name is great. [275]
I.i. Holy Mother of God. [216]
VIII.i. Holy Virgin Mary. [216], [445]
IV.vii. I cried, and he heard me. [358]
VIII.ii. I have believed. [357]
VIII.ii. I have cried to thee. [387]
V.ii. I will bless thee. [54] I will give great thanks. [333]
IV.vii. I will meditate on thee. [285]
IV.vii. Illuminate, O Lord. [310]
VI. In his days shall justice [35]
VI. In his holy places. [287]
VII.i. In holiness let us serve. [290]
IV.i. In my life will I praise. [395]
IV.i. In offspring Mother. [216]
IV.iii. In the bush. [209]
VIII.i. In the churches. [256]
VI. In the high places. [239]
IV.iii. In the midst of life. [424]
V.i. In the sight of the angels. [384]
VIII.ii. In thy justice. [182]
VIII.i. In thy strength, O Lord [45]
VIII.i. In thy truth. [309]
VII.ii. Incline, O Lord, thy ear. [33] Into the house of the Lord. [363]
I.iii. Into the way of peace. [342]
VIII.ii. It is good to give praise. [336]
VIII.i. It is now the hour. [43]
VIII.ii. Judge right things. [250]
IV.i. Let every creature. [55]
VIII.i. Let every spirit. [56]
IV.vii. Let Israel hope in the Lord. [373]
VI. Let me not be confounded. [158]
I.iv. Let my cry come to thee. [322]
VIII.ii. Let my portion, O Lord. [388]
IV.i. Let my soul always magnify thee. [361]
I.iv. Let thy tender mercies. [148]
VIII.ii. Light from light. [417]
VI. Lord, thou hast been our refuge. [285]
VI. Lord, thou hast blessed thy land. [297] Lord, thou hast proved me. [385]
VIII.ii. May all the ends of the earth. [337]
IV.viii. May the Lord fulfil. [43]
VI. My heart hath uttered. [228]
VIII.ii. My help is from the Lord. [359]
VIII.i. My lips shall praise thee. [260]
IV.i. My spirit hath rejoiced. [368]
IV.i. Nature’s Creator. [31]
II.i. O Blessed Mother. [211], [446]
VIII.i. O God, hear my prayer. [106]
II.i. O God, just judge. [22]
VIII.i. O God, my God. [195]
II.i. O heavens of heavens. [261]
VI. O how glorious. [218]
IV.i. O King, abiding without end. [45]
III.iv. O King, all glorious. [429]
II.i. O Lord God. [267]
IV.i. O Lord, I have heard. [311]
I.iii. O Lord my God, in thee. [22]
V.i. O Maker of the world. [33] O most holy and blessed. [116]
IV.i. O praise the Lord. [358]
V.i. Of whom are all things. [168]
IV.i. On high-sounding cymbals. [340]
I.iii. Our help is in the name of the Lord. [364]
VIII.iii. Out of the depths. [372]
I.iv. Overthrow them. [187]
I.iv. Praise becometh the upright. [185]
IV.vii. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem. [398]
I.iv. Praise ye the Lord. [196]
IV.i. Rejoice in the Lord always. [45]
I.iv. Rejoice to God our helper. [294]
VII.i. Salvation from our enemies. [264]
III.iv. Save us, O Christ. [214]
III.iv. Save us, O Lord. [419]
VIII.i. Send forth upon us, O Saviour [43]
III.iv. Serve ye the Lord [17]
IV.i. Sing joyfully. [321]
II.i. Sing ye to the Lord. [307]
VIII.i. Sing ye to us. [380]
I.v. Sit thou at my right hand. [343]
IV.v. Stir up thy might, O Lord. [148]
I.i. Strengthen my heart. [309]
I.v. Thanks be to thee, O God. [115]
I.iv. That I sin not. [223]
IV.i. The commandment of the Lord [40]
I.iii. The foundations thereof. [299]
VIII.ii. The God of gods. [234]
VIII.i. The Holy Ghost shall descend. [206]
VI. The humble folk thou hast saved [36]
VI. The light of thy countenance. [419]
I.iii. The Lord hath inclined. [356]
VII.i. The Lord hath raised up. [242]
III.iv. The Lord hath reigned [52]
VIII.i. The Lord is my firmament [36]
I.iii. The Lord is the defender. [179]
IV.iv. The Lord ruleth me. [105]
I.iii. The Lord shall judge. [260]
IV.i. The Lord shall reign. [286]
VIII.i. The Lord shall turn away. [246]
VII.i. The night is passed. [40]
IV.i. The saints shall rejoice. [213]
VI. The salvation of my countenance. [237]
I.v. The sceptre shall not be taken [16]
IV.i. Thee, God, the Father unbegotten. [115]
V.i. Thee they justly praise. [115]
VIII.i. This day is born to us. [416]
I.iii. Thou alone art the most High. [295]
IV.i. Thou art the God. [277]
VIII.i. Thou hast delivered. [272]
III.iv. Thou hast no need. [31]
V.ii. Thou hast regarded my lowliness. [375]
VIII.i. Thou that dwellest. [364]
VIII.i. Through the bowels of the mercy. [315]
VIII.i. Thy wrath is turned away. [196]
VII.i. To thee do I watch. [238]
VIII.i. To thee only have I sinned. [284]
VIII.ii. Understand my cry, O Lord. [194]
VIII.iii. Unto our God be joyful praise. [396]
VIII.ii. Visit us, O Lord. [328]
VIII.i. Wash me yet more. [259]
IV.i. Watch, all ye, and pray. [415]
I.i. We adore thee, O Christ. [215]
I.iv. We became like men comforted. [366]
IV.iii. We glorify thee, Mother of God. [446]
VIII.ii. We have blessed you. [371]
T.Per. We that live, we bless. [346] Whatsoever the Lord hath pleased. [378]
IV.ii. When thou shalt see one naked. [421]
III.i. When thou wast born. [208]
I.ii. With timbrel and choir. [312]