ESA-01: Sunday Matins-Lauds


Invit. Let us come before his presence [:35]
Invit. Alleluya. The Lord is risen [:32]
Invit. Let us praise Jesus Christ [:27]
Invit. Let us praise the name of the Lord [:45]
Invit. May the Lord open your heart [:]
Invit. O God, King of heaven [:34]
Invit. The Lord, the King who is to come [:15]
Invit. Alleluya [:13]
 H On this the day that saw the earth [2:55]
 H Now from the slumbers [1:06]
A1 The sceptre; Ps 1 Blessed is the man [:]
Ps 2 Why have the Gentiles [:]
Ps 3 Why, O Lord, are they multiplied [:]
Ps 6 O Lord, rebuke me not; A The sceptre [:]
(A1 The sceptre) [:27]
A1 Serve ye the Lord [:10]
A1 For the merits of faith [:24]
A2 He shall be; Ps 7 O Lord my God [: ]
Ps 8 O Lord, our God [:]
Ps 9 I will give praise to thee [:]
Ps 10 In the Lord I put I my trust; A He shall be [:]
 ( A2 He shall be) [:29]
A2 O Lord my God [:13]
A2 O God, just judge [:25]
A3 His eyes; Ps 11 Save me, O Lord [:]
Ps 12 How long, O Lord, wilt thou forget me [:]
Ps 13 The fool hath said in his heart [:]
Ps 14 Lord, who shall dwell; A His eyes [:]
 ( A3 His eyes) [:34]
V Out of Sion [:13]
A3 Consider and hear me [:22]
V In the night I have remembered [:13]
A3 Arise, and for ever safeguard us [:39]
V In the night I have remembered [:]
A4 Bethlehem; Ps 15 Preserve me, O Lord [:]
 ( A4 Bethlehem) [:48]
A4 Thou hast no need [:18]
 A4 Nature’s Creator [:31]
A5 Behold, a virgin; Ps 16 Hear, O Lord, my justice [:]
(A5 Behold, a virgin) [:21]
 A5 Incline, O Lord, thy ear [:13]
A5 O Maker of the world [:26]
A6 In his days; Ps 17 I will love thee [:]
 (A6 In his days) [:37]
 V There shall come forth a rod [:13]
 A6 The Lord is my firmament [:22]
 V I rose at midnight [:12]
A6 The humble folk [:35]
A7 The night is passed; Ps 18 The heavens shew forth [:]
 (A7 The night is passed) [:29]
A7 The commandment of the Lord [:15]
A7 As a bridegroom [:28]
A8 It is now; Ps 19 May the Lord hear thee [:]
 (A8 It is now) [:31]
 A8 May the Lord fulfil [:14]
A8 Send forth upon us [:28]
A9 Rejoice in the Lord; Ps 20 In thy strength, O Lord [:]
 (A9 Rejoice in the Lord) [:50]
 V The Lord shall come forth [:12]
 A9 In thy strength, O Lord [:21]
 V Be thou exalted, O Lord [:13]
A9 O King, abiding [:38]
Cant. We praise thee, O God [4:33]

Before Lauds

V The Lord is high above [:10]


A1 The Lord hath reigned; Ps 92 The Lord hath reigned [:]
(A1 The Lord hath reigned) [:25]
A2 All we may know; Ps 99 Sing joyfully to God [:]
(A2 All we may know) [:27]
A3 I will bless thee; Ps 62 O God, my God [:]
Ps 66 May God have mercy on us; A I will bless thee [:]
(A3 I will bless thee) [:22]
A4 Let every creature; Cant. O all ye works of the Lord [:]
(A4 Let every creature) [:25]
A5 Let every spirit; Ps 148 Praise ye the Lord [:]
Ps 149 Sing ye to the Lord [:]
Ps 150 Praise ye the Lord; A Let every spirit [:]
 (A5 Let every spirit) [:36]
Chap. Benediction, and glory, and wisdom [:]
H Eternal founder of the worlds [2:31]
 V The Lord hath reigned [:10]
 V Lord, thou hast been our refuge [:12]
H Lo! the dim shadows [1:13]
 V The Lord hath reigned [:10]
V The Lord be with you &c.
V The Lord be with you &c.

For the Peace of the Church

Ps 122 To thee have I lifted up my eyes [:]
Kyrie eleyson [:11]
Lord, have mercy [:10]
V And lead us not &c. [:37]
Prayer. We beseech thee, O Lord, favourably receive [:]

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